Great breakthroughs

In every aspects

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Wiiboox Company 2 has achieved great breakthroughs in every aspect, not only its printing performances but also its user-friendly designs. 0.05mm higher printing precision,30*28*27cm larger printing size and double extruders will provide you better printing experience. Meanwhile, double air filtration systems, 5inch touch screen and the printing from break point function will provide you friendlier user experience. All these breakthroughs are for your big ideas and brilliant works!


Print Precision

30x 27 x 28CM



Double Air Filtration System


Touch Screen

Only High Precision

Can Print Intelligent Robot

This is an intelligent robot, which is assembled in 43 parts, all printed by Wiiboox Company 2. Without extreme printing accuracy, the sophisticated joints, buckles and slots could not fit together and thus, the robot would not be able to dance or walk. Wiiboox Company 2 is the real high precision 3D printer.

Extruder with Patent

High Precision Not dragging

Our pursuit of perfect printing experience encourages us to constantly improve our extruders. In order to make the extruder neither drag nor plug in normal use, we have developed the sixth generation extruder. The new extruder is capable of reaching 0.05mm printing precision now.

Consistent Pursuit

As Safe As Ever

As WIIBOOX Company, WIIBOOX Company 2 still pays great attention on customer safety, because customer safety is the cornerstone of our development at any time and any place. Therefore, we take 0.08mm air filtration system combined with fully enclosed fuselage to effectively protect our customers from the small particles produced during the printing process.

Large Print Size,

Print at Your Will

For fully-enclosed 3D printers, larger print size means

harder construct design and build-plate leveling. However,

larger print size means broader creative place. Therefore,

Wiiboox spares no pains to design & build WIIBOOX

COMPANY 2 as large as 30*27*28cm. The larger print size,

the broader creative place you will get. The larger print

size, the more wonderful creations you will make.



H*L*W/ Print Size

620 x 480 x 475MM

H*L*W/ Machine Size

Company 2

30 x 27 x 28CM

H*L*W/ Print Size

630 x 480 x 520MM

H*L*W/ Machine Size

70s Auto Build Plate Levelling

Our Innovation Patent

Levelling the build plate must be the biggest difficulty in using a 3D printer. However, Wiiboox Company 2 has made the process easy and fast. Just press the Auto-level button, the built-in balance calculation system will immediately start. Then the printer will auto leveled itself with three settled points on the build plate with light hints. After at least 70 seconds, the build plate will be balanced and a new world of creativity will be opened.

Heating Plate

110°C, removable, made from aluminum alloy metal

In order to reach the best thermal conductivity, we polish an aluminum plate into suitable size and cover it onto the FR4 special heating plate. After a little while, the strong heat energy will be quickly sent to the plate and the printing material can be sticked firmly and evenly. After the build plate is cooled, the heating plate can be removed directly for cleaning.

Firm in Structure, Solid in Shell,

Stable in Operation

Wiiboox Company 2’s structure applies PLATEMETAL integrated design. The new structure brings higher printing precision, simpler design and fewer components, which makes Wiiboox Company 2 solider and more stable and durable. In addition, the new structure leads an increase of 43.9% of Wiiboox Company 2’s printing size compared with Wiiboox Company.


Company 2

0 nut on Wiiboox Company 2

There are 99 nuts on Wiiboox Company. However, there is 0 nut on Wiiboox Company 2 now, because Wiiboox Company 2 has applied brand new assembly technology which is similar to the technology used to assemble household appliance. Apart from this, Wiiboox Company 2’s fixation intensity has increased 4 times compared with Wiiboox Company.