Attain Extraordinary Creativity


The king of the large size of originality

Its external design and proud, clear and LED display screen with three color, give you a strong visual impact on hale body, not very fine print, the dispute also 0.08 mm filtering precision, large print size 300 * 300 * 300 mm, safety and efficiency is more than ever before. Wiiboox Company Pro300, whether internal or external, it is to gain insight into the heart of design complete shock to you.

Extreme safety, excellent quality

Wiiboox company pro300

According to the Illinois institute of technology study, 3 d printing process can produce tiny ultrafine particle diameter, the particles will settle on the user's lungs or directly absorbed by the blood, and cause serious consequences. Strong responsibility, for user health Wiiboox produced the first installation of ultrafine particle filtering system of the world's desktop 3 d printer. At the same time on the premise of guarantee the high precision printing, Wiiboox also designed the radiation safety, circuit safety, lightning safety, material security, product security and other six conforms to the European standard of strict security measures, health care users.

Cool, it was intended

Wiiboox cool appearance is really impressive. But we will also it designed to be strong, sturdy and durable, it has a thick full metal structure, polished shell, the high speed printing must give attention to two or morethings balance between solid and appearance is cool. Inside and outside and repair to do obviously Wiiboox wulin, yes.

Press a button, inspire your ideas

For ease of convenience, we placed the power button on the front.

Fully enclosed body

Will all interference, cut off at outside, will all creative condensation within.

Dedicated and professional.

Four-way open design

The adjustment of anytime and anywhere, relaxed, comfortable.

Flickering lights, go with your heart.

Elegant red, purple and blue LED lights, flashing mysterious glow of Pandora's box. Through Wiiboox own software, you can customize the print lighting, preheat tips and other light color scheme. Let the sparkle of the magic box in your fingers dance!

Quick change nozzle assembly

Not only durable, but also a people friendly design, ensures quick easy replacement.

double strength never been this powerful

Double color printing at the same time, more fine print details, more sharp boundary segmentation.

Intelligent sensor systems

Print end automatically shut down, do not need to focus on print,

Super save electricity and prolong the service life of the nozzle.

Free shifting between
two languages

We still change for you even if you don’t have problem with language.