Combine Education

with Recreation


Not only a toy

But a partner for children to help improve their creativity, imagination, concentration, practical ability and logical thinking ability.

Combine Education
with Recreation

Humanoid design

43 printing parts

No extreme print precision,
no Wiiboox Robot

Wiiboox Two’s print precision reaches up to 0.06mm. Without extreme print precision, the sophisticated joints, buckles and slots cannot fit perfectly with each other and the Robot is unable to walk, dance or do other creative motions.

Operate Robot’s Motions with APP

Easy Operation

Everyone can enjoy printing & playing Wiiboox Robot IOS & Android

IOS & Android

18 Steering Engines

Imported from Japan, More Powerful.

What Wiiboox Robot can do

is beyond your imaginationcHug/Run/Dance/Box/Soccer/Roller Skate

How To Use