Fine Print Details &

High Precision Printing

Although Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY is a desktop DLP 3D printer that is small enough to be placed at anywhere on a desk, it can achieve industrial printing precision for making complicated workpieces.With the built-in precision ground balls crews and precision guideway grinder, Z axis module of Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY can achieve higher positioning accuracy now.

Beautiful Appearance

& Powerful Functions

The high-quality acrylic filtering cover protects the whole printing process from interferences.Light but strong machine body, simple but generous design and the intelligent printing adjusting function. All these make Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY a powerful desktop DLP 3D printer.

Convenient Software

& Efficient Work

Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY’s software supports extended editing and it can generate support lines automatically. All these functions make the operation convenient and efficient.

Creative Technology &

Extraordinary Experience

Creative inclined pulling structure has applied for the national intellectual property protection.Surface smooth module makes better printing performances.Built-in limit switch protects Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY from human negligence or other damages.Encrypted USB key intensifies Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY’s security performance.The film covered on the resin slot is of better transmittance and longer service time after special processing. Its transmittance is not lower than 93%. In addition, the film is easy to replace.

High Quality & Best Cost Performance

Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY applies plane prototyping technology, so that it can realize small scale production. Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY can print more than one model at one time, not affected by the complexity of models. More importantly, its printing time is decided by the height of the highest model rather than the accumulated printing time, which saves a lot of time and makes small scale production feasible. In addition, with the intelligent printing support generating & adjusting system, Wiiboox DLP-MOONRAY will print better models with higher success rate.