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Company introduction

Wiiboox | Wiiboox.net
3D printing integrated solution provider

Every moment, our customers are using our 3 d printing solutions to open all kinds of creative journey, and confidently scaled the professional and the peak of science and technology. They used unprecedented imagination and creativity to an informal conventional constraints, free and full of passion.

We struggle in the forefront in the field of 3 d printing has been more than 4 years. We help the researchers overcome one after another of the technical challenges make innovation forward. Our view in the field of education for students of science and technology and global synchronization. We are manufacturing for industrial 4.0 and the concept of intelligent manufacturing. We are teachers, designers, manufacturers, service a wide range of trust. As the world's leading innovation partners, we apply intelligent science and technology and industry, and provide more flexible customized solutions, achievement customer needs has always been our commitment to achieve the mission.

Every industry needs are ever-changing. Whatever your next challenge is a teaching scheme, an intelligent robot, a copy of the great Chinese arts and crafts, or is only a chocolate cake for the wedding, Wilbur three-dimensional are ambitious to provide the best solution for you.

Our footprint:
In September 2013, Wilbur three-dimensional Wiiboox brand CIS system design is complete;
In January 2014 Wiiboox world debut One;
In May 2014, Wilbur three-dimensional strategic cooperation with citic group;
In May 2014, Wilbur three-dimensional strategic cooperation with South Korea SK group;  
In July 2014, Wilbur three-dimensional strategic cooperation with China academy of 3 d printing;
In July 2014, quasi industrial-grade products Wiiboox Company, Wiiboox listed Company Pro;
In October 2014, Wilbur three-dimensional MIF in macau, the exhibition as the representative of China's high-tech products 3 d printer for Macao's chief executive, Mr. Chui, vice governor of jiangsu leaders affirmation and etc;
In November 2014, Wilbur three-dimensional and lepads were made group reached a strategic cooperation, in lepads were made more than 200 cities nationwide network, can be directly buy Wiiboox series machine and enjoy after-sales maintenance support;
In December 2014, Wilbur three-dimensional and suning group reached a strategic cooperation, open Wiiboox Su Ningyi purchase official flagship store brand, and to support the national suning stores Wiiboox series product sales;
In February, 2015, Wilbur three-dimensional set up offices in Taiwan, Wiiboox series products into the Taiwan market; 
In May 2015, 3 d success in jingdong mall, open Wiiboox official flagship store. 
In July 2015, Wilbur three-dimensional was invited into Tmall mall, open Wiiboox official flagship store. 
In March 2016, Wilbur three-dimensional "hail to the steampunk" 3 d printing theme exhibition jing TCT Asia exhibition;
In April 2016, Wilbur three-dimensional REEYEE series object scanner online;
In May 2016, Wilbur three-dimensional to Tmall only invite 3 d printing brands to CES exhibition in Asia Tmall pavilion;
In June 2016, Wilbur three-dimensional chief high-tech products in jiangsu title in central and eastern European countries trade fair pavilion in jiangsu province;
In July 2016, Wilbur three-dimensional to taobao only invite 3 d printer brands to taobao creation section 2016 T area;
In September 2016, Wilbur three-dimensional adplus advertising door activities;
In November 2016, Wilbur three-dimensional oracle China regional activities;